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    In cancer, infection and inflammation, the immune system’s function is dysregulated, contributing to disease pathology. As part of this process, instead of fighting disease, immune cells may even suppress beneficial immune responses and increase pathology. Despite their pathophysiological importance, the identity and biology of the so called myeloid regulatory cells (MRCs) is poorly understood. 


    European Network of Investigators Triggering Exploratory Research on Myeloid Regulatory Cells


    Action Chair: Sven Brandau (DE)

    Vice-Chair: Annabel Valledor (ES)

    Researcher Spotlight: Luca Cassetta

    Luca Cassetta graduated in Biotechnology (2003), conducted his Master studies in Industrial Biotechnology (2004-2005) and carried out his PhD in the field of HIV immunology at the University of Milan (2007-2010), studying the role of macrophage polarisation in HIV infection.

    He then moved to the Albert Einstein Medical College (NY, USA) for postdoctoral training (2011-2013) where he worked in the field of tumor immunology with a special focus on human tumour associated macrophages in breast cancer.

    He is currently working at the University of Edinburgh as a senior postdoc in the lab of Jeffrey Pollard.

    His main scientific interest is primarily focused on the genomic wide and flow cytometric characterisation of human monocytes and macrophages in cancer.

    Luca is Working Group 1 leader together with Gosse Adema, and he is the UK co-representative together with Jeffrey Pollard in the COST Network Mye-EUNITER.

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