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WG 1: Immunomonitoring and definition criteria for MRC subtypes

Main objective: define a unifying and commonly accepted panel of markers for the identification of MRC and MRC subtypes. 

Methods and means:

  • Survey of the literature and definition of the current state-of-the-art markers.
  • Establishment of a technical exchange panel with the aim to plan inter-laboratory testing and harmonisation of marker panels.
  • Inter-laboratory testing and evaluation of published markers by Mye-EUNITER technical exchange panel participants.
  • WG meeting to exchange data, discuss the value of existing markers and propose useful marker combinations for MRC subtype definition.
  • Development of a “consensus flow cytometry protocol” for further testing and for the identification of the major MRC subtypes.
  • Development of a flow cytometry SOP for analytical purposes.
  • Cooperation with WG 2 to link immunophenotype and markers with function.
  • Writing of position and consensus papers on state-of-the-art knowledge and novel definition criteria generated by activities of Mye-EUNITER. Suggest outcomes of this Action will be disseminated to the wider scientific community.