Adema, Gosse

Research interests focus on the molecular analysis of professional antigen presenting dendritic cells and T-regulatory cells, and their function in the immune system in health and disease. Major current projects include i) functional analysis of DC-SCRIPT and Pattern Recognition Receptors in dendritic cell biology and ii) pre-clinical mouse studies on the role of dendritic cells and T-regulatory cells in immunotherapy of cancer and iii) development of immuno-combination therapies aiming to induce anti-tumor immune responses and to reverse the immune suppressive tumor microenvironment. The knowledge gathered in the fundamental immunological studies is translated into clinical vaccination studies of cancer patients with autologous, antigen-loaded dendritic cell vaccines.

Models available:

Dendritic cell immuno-biology, pattern recognition receptors, tumor microevironment, MDSCs, Macrophages, pre-clinical mouse studies on immunotherapy of cancer, development of immuno-combination therapies.

Cells available:

Dendritic cells, MDSCs, Macrophages

Technology available:

Research in mice and man. Animal models in cancer (melanoma, neuroblastoma, glioma) and inflammation (Candida, others). Human studies include glioma pts and Thyroid cancer pts as well as cohorts in infectious diseases (Candida etc).

Key publications related to Mye-EUNITER:

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