Cassatella, Marco

Main research interest is the characterization of the molecular mechanisms controlling cytokine/gene expression in human neutrophils activated under various experimental conditions. Particular efforts are dedicated to the understanding of the molecular bases regulating neutrophil responsiveness (in terms of gene expression neutrophil terminal differentiation) at epigenetic level. In relation to the Mye-EUNITER program, Marco A. Cassatella’s group has more recently started to characterize the role of neutrophils in patients carrying several types of cancer, including lymphomas [such as non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), HL, multiple myeloma, etc] and solid tumors (such as colon carcinoma, lung carcinoma, etc). Another research line focuses on the characterization of the role of a distinct population of circulating and tissue proinflammatory dendritic cells (DCs), known as sulfo LacNAc(+) DCs (slanDCs), in human cancer.

Models available:

Healthy donors and patients from inflammatory/autoimmune diseases (including psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE) and cancer.

Cells available:

Neutrophils, monocyte subsets, dendritic cells subtypes, sulfo LacNAc(+) DCs (slanDCs)

Technology available:

Techniques for gene expression analysis, Chromatin Immunoprecipoatation assays; flow cytometry and cell sorting; immunocytochemistry/mmunofluorescence; ELISA and Bio-Plex assays; Western-blots; functional assays (e.g. evaluation of cell apoptosis, degranulation, production of reactive oxygen species, cell cycle and proliferation, cytokine production)

Key publications related to Mye-EUNITER:

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