Jonjic, Stipan

Models available:

  • CMV infection/congenital CMV infection
  • Immunoevasion, innate and adaptive immune response in murine (for MCMV) and humanized mice (for HCMV) models. 

Cells available:

  • NK-, T-, B-cells, dendritic cells, macrophages, primary and immortalized embrionic fibroblasts.

Technology available:

  • Humanized NOG-HLA-A2 mice reconstituted with hematopoetic stem cells from the human fetal liver.
  • State of the art SPF animal facility harbouring >100 mouse strains and 12,000 mice.
  • Multicolor flow analysis and cell sorting (FACSAria I and FACSVerse).
  • Custom production/purification and development of proteins/mAbs/hybridomas, including production of biotinylated monoclonal antibodies and precoated ELISA plates, as well as mAb fragmentation (Fab’ & F(ab')2. Extensive mAb database.
  • Cloning and whole transcriptome shotgun sequencing and data analysis (RNASeq).
  • Immunohistology and cellular immunology.

Key publications related to Mye-EUNITER:

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