Lipoldová, Marie

Models available:


  • In this action we would like to participate with our well defined model of infection with parasite Leishmania major, but we have also experience with infection with parasites Leishmania tropica and Trypanosoma brucei brucei.


  • Lymphocyte infiltration of cancer.

Cells available:

We have discovered a unique mouse strain B10.O20 containing extremely high numbers of myeloid derived cells (MDC) CD11b+Gr1+ in their spleens and established eight chromosomal regions, where likely the genes responsible for this phenomenon are located. The frequency of MDCs are high in uninfected mice and  futher increase after infection with Leishmania major.

Technology available:

We have experience with gene mapping, immunological methods, and functional cellular studies of lymphocytes and macrophages. A broad spectrum of methods is established in the laboratory. The methods are:  RT-PCR, PCR-ELISA, typing of microsatellite loci, sequencing, ELISA, flow cytometry, cell sorting, extensive histological expertise in examination of immunological organs, estimation of cytokine and chemokine levels using FlowCytomix Multiplex, statistical analysis in mouse. The laboratory is equipped with CEQtm 8000 Genetic Analysis system, PCR machines, power supplies, electrophoresis apparatuses, deep freezers, flow box, centrifuges, ELISA reader, bio imaging system. The laboratory has access to the space for breeding and experimental infections in the Institute’s SPF facility. All mouse strains that will be used in the planned experiments have been cleaned by embryotransfer. The laboratory has experience with analysis of gene profiles using GeneChip® Operating Software, Expression ConsoleTM Software, MATLAB, GeneSpring GX Software, Partek Genomics Suite, KEGG database and Expander (EXPression Analyzer and DisplayER) and protein interactions with STRING database.

Key publications related to Mye-EUNITER:

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