Németh, Tamás

Research interests focus on molecular mechanisms of phagocyte function, neutrophils, autoimmune inflammation.

Cells available:

1) Transgenic mouse models with:

  • Targeted deletion of various cell surface receptors (integrins,
  • Fc-receptors) and intracellular signaling molecules (tyrosine kinase pathway components) -floxed mutations in various intracellular signal transduction molecules allowing lineage-specific deletion -various lineage-specific Cre-expressing mouse strains -mutants allowing deletion of certain myeloid lineages -disease models of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases in mice

2) Access to rheumatology patients and smaller cohorts

Key publications related to Mye-EUNITER:

  1. Futosi K, Németh T, Pick R, Vántus T, Walzog B and Mócsai A: Dasatinib inhibits pro-inflammatory functions of mature human neutrophils. Blood 2012, 119: 4981-4991. IF: 9,060

  2. Németh T, Futosi K, Hably C, Brouns MR, Jakob SM, Kovács M, Kertész Z, Walzog B, Settleman J and Mócsai A: Neutrophil functions and autoimmune arthritis in the absence of p190RhoGAP: Generation and analysis of a novel null mutation in mice. J Immunol 2010, 185: 3064-3075. IF: 5,745

  3. Jakus Z, Simon E, Balázs B and Mócsai A: Genetic deficiency of Syk protects mice from autoantibody-induced arthritis. Arthritis Rheum 2010, 62: 1899-1910.IF: 8,435