Roussel, Mikael

Models available:

Human samples (blood, bone marrow, tumors); B-cell lymphomas or healthy donors; clinical data and follow-up.

Cells available:

Human macrophages, MDSCs. Added value of CyTOF analysis on the MRC compartment in normal tissues and lymphomas.

Technology available:

Fluorescent flow cytometry (Beckman Coulter: Navios, Cytoflex. BD: LSRFortessa X20)
Mass cytometry (CyTOF)
High-dimensional analysis (SPADE, viSNE)
Cell sorting

Key publications related to Mye-EUNITER:

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  2. Roussel M, Gros A, Gacouin A, Le Meur N, Le Tulzo Y, Fest T. Toward new insights on the white blood cell differential by flow cytometry: A proof of concept study on the sepsis model. Cytometry B Clin Cytom 2012;82:345–352.

  3. Roussel M, Gros A, Sauvadet E, Gacouin A, Marqué S, Chimot L, Lavoué S, Camus C, Fest T, Le Tulzo Y. CD64, a Reliable Biomarker of Bacterial Infection in Intensive Care Units? AJRCCM 2012c;186:1058-1059.

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