Sunderkotter, Cord


Transfer colitis in Rag-/- mice
Experimental leishmaniasis in mice with L.major
Soft tissue infection in mice with S.aureus
LPS-induced local Shartzman reaction in mice
B16 melanoma in mice

acces to or tissue or blood samples available from
- soft tissue infection in humans
- metastasizing melanoma in humans

Major cell types studies & key scientific question(s) for Mye-EUNITER:

Major MRC
- glucocorticoid-induced bone-marrow-derived monocytes in mice
- glucocorticoid-induced blood monocytes in humans

Which inflammations do they downregulate (e.g. transfer colitis in mice) by which mechanisms

What can we learn from them about mechanisms of MRC

Which other factors induce a sustained monocyte phenotype which has regulatory functions

What distinguishes malignant tumors like B16 melanomas from other malignancies that they do not generate MDSC in terms of MRC which downregulate CD8 T cell response?

Technology used:

FACS analysis

cell culture

T cell stimulation by MRCs

Five Key Publications:

Varga G, Ehrchen J, Brockhausen A, Weinhage T, Nippe N, Belz M, Tsianakas A,
Ross M, Bettenworth D, Spieker T, Wolf M, Lippe R, Tenbrock K, Leenen PJ, Roth J,
Sunderkötter C. Immune suppression via glucocorticoid-stimulated monocytes: a
novel mechanism to cope with inflammation. J Immunol. 2014 193(3):1090-9.

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