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Mye-EUNITER member announces deadline for Masters in Vaccinology - 21.02.2016


A new Erasmus Mundus - Joint Master Degrees granted by EACEA, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission, entitled “Leading International Vaccinology Education” (LIVE), is scheduled to start in 2016. The general objective of the new LIVE program is to train the next generation of vaccinologists who will have to manage an increasing number of infectious and non-infectious vaccine targets for many important issues: unsolved and still emerging infectious diseases, immune-senescence in an era where there is exponential aging of the population, non-infectious but immune-related diseases (e.g. allergy, cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, addictions…). Such needs parallel the global need to decrease health care expenditures while increasing quality and health care outcomes. Meeting these needs starts with providing the funding, teachers, excellent training and career pathways for smart and dedicated students who will devote their professional careers to Vaccinology. LIVE is a two-year program for talented and motivated students interested in multidisciplinary studies in Vaccinology. It is a joint project between five European universities (Barcelona, Antwerp, Saint-Etienne and Lyon), each one awarding a Master degree of excellent quality. Academic internationality is enriched by a worldwide network of 12 academic universities from Brazil, Canada, China, Cuba, Europe, and USA and 13 industrial partners and vaccine manufacturers. LIVE students will develop a trans-national appreciation for vaccine issues by in-residence participation in educational activities in at least three different countries during the program. Graduates are also well prepared for doctorate research in Ph.D. programs funded by associated partners. We anticipate that the LIVE program, designed as an interdisciplinary teaching approach and an internationally composed student community, will provide students with these five fundamental keys to engage in successful careers in vaccinology and to build an international network of professionals who will help to solve the current and future challenges of the field. The entire program and deadlines for applications for the first year of enrollment will be announced on the LIVE webpage. Further information on this unique program can be found at: “Leading International Vaccinology Education” (LIVE).