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As part of this process, instead of fighting disease, immune cells.

Positive Mid-Term COST Action Evaluation

The summary assessment of Mye-EUNITER's progress as submitted by the COST Rapporteur reads as follows:

Despite their pathophysiological importance, the identity and biology of the so called myeloid regulatory cells (MRCs) is poorly understood. Depending on the MRC subtype and the respective disease, conflicting results have been published. The Action Mye-EUNITER forms a network of researchers and clinicians which aims to establish a gold standard of common protocols and harmonising guidelines for the analysis and clinical monitoring of MRCs. There is also a deficit in the translation of findings from animal models to humans, and Mye-EUNITER is building an analytical mouse-monkey-man correlation line. Standardised and validated tools for MRC analysis will aid the development of cellular biomarkers of disease and guide the design of novel therapies to manipulate the functions of MRCs. The Action is making excellent progress in the following topics: 1) achieving the objectives, deliverables, publications and additional output; 2) proving added value of networking; 3) achieving significant impact; and 4) exploitation and dissemination of the results.